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The R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant was open for the first time in a decade for Toronto’s Doors Open event. This is taken in the pump house from the observation deck.

This high school in the heart of Midtown is undergoing a steady process of demolition. The school, built in 1912 with mid-century additions, has moved its staff and students from this building to an adjacent lot shared with two condo towers in an interesting mixed development. The pool seen above had several generations of junk in what resembled the surface of the garbage compactor in Star Wars.

The ValhaIIa Inn, in Etobicoke, is being demolished so we decided to walk through its halls and jump in its pool one last time. My Aunt and Uncle had their wedding reception here when I was just three, but I still have a few vivid memories of this place. I’m sad to see it go.

Here’s an old photo taken by official city photographer, F.W. Micklethwaite, in 1893. Depicted is a six-foot steel intake pipe joint that was used to supply Toronto with drinking water from Lake Ontario. I have no idea who that sharply dressed fellow is, but he bares a resemblance to legendary British civil engineer, Joseph Bazalgette (who died in 1891).

I’ve been a bit busy lately and haven’t had a chance to get underground for a while. However, perhaps I’ll take a slight hiatus from an exclusively underground blog, at least until I get my waders back on. So for now, here’s a view from Sugar Beach on Toronto’s waterfront. The building across the chunky channel is the Redpath Sugar facility in which the new public place was named after.