Happy New Year! I started off 2012 with a couple discussions on two local news wires.

The first was a brief outing in which I took OpenFile Toronto‘s David Hains down a storm drain in mid-town Toronto where I showed him what remains of a buried creek. Soon after the article was online, I received an email from OpenFile CEO, Wilf Dinnick, and was asked to be on his radio program on NewsTalk 1010. You can listen to the interview here.

In late December I also spoke with fashion blogger, Jen Tse, about Rivers Forgotten. Unfortunately she didn’t ask about my hip waders.

My book, Rivers Forgotten, is available at the John-Richmond Chapters and the Beguiling bookstore in Toronto…


If you want to buy a copy directly from me, my upcoming book launch at the Holy Oak Cafe is coming up on January 18th! The Facebook Event Page is up now.

Lastly, I’m working on a written supplement for Rivers Forgotten that will go through just about every photo in my book with a short blurb on my experiences, lighting set ups, additional photos, and anything else I can think of. It’ll be available as a downloadable PDF document in a couple of weeks. I’ll update when it’s ready.